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Mobile Windscreen Repairs



Repairing your chipped windscreen can be a cheaper alternative than replacing the original glass. Windscreen Works will always try to repair before replacing glass, saving you both time and money.


Chipped windscreens can develop into cracks, so it is important to keep them dry and get the repair done as quickly as possible.


Ask our friendly staff for repair patches to leave in your vehicle for such occasions.

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Mobile Windscreen Replacement

Windscreen Replacement & Automotive Glass Replacement


Windscreen Works keeps a wide selection of windscreens in stock and also receives daily orders, so uncommon windscreens are no hassle.


Windscreens generally take 40 – 60 mins to fit, with an additional cure time necessary to allow the adhesive to bond to the body and glass surfaces. (No airbags = 1hr cure time) E Toll Tags, service-tyre stickers and rear view mirror-sensors are set back on your new windscreen.

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Windscreen Removal and Refitting

Remove and Refit


If you need your glass removed for painting, rust or repair, we can accommodate you.


All care is taken in removing the glass with the latest in braided rope removal systems, and we are happy to return and refit the glass once the repairs are completed.

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Windscreen Resealing

Windscreen Resealing


Windscreen Works will always attempt to stop a leak without removing the glass by resealing around the body, aperture or rubber.

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Sensored Windscreens


Many Windscreens on modern cars now have sensors that are mounted to the inside of the Windscreen. Examples of sensors are Rain Sensors, which allow the wipers to turn on automatically when it begins to rain depending on the setting of the vehicle, and Camera Sensors, that affect the driving and braking of the vehicle. 


It is important when you replace your Windscreen in these Vehicles, to have an experienced technician who can determine re-gelling prior to replacement of the Rain Sensor or the remounting of the cameras correctly onto the screen.


Also, there can be windscreens with antenna's, heaters and/or HUD's (head up displays). Windscreen's that have camera's will require (after fitment) recalibration to ensure that everything is working correctly with regard to the driving and braking of the vehicle.You can discuss with Rob what our normal procedures are with these types of windscreens.

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Trade and Fleet Windscreen Services



Company owners, CEO’s, managers, fleet controllers, supervisors, we can offer you experience and confidence in helping you repair your vehicles.


A set trade price can be offered and a detailed list of your individual vehicles with their glass codes can be kept for a fast response. Windscreen Works understands your need for a business you can trust and rely on to get the job done.

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Windscreen Works


Windscreen Works is a Toowoomba based and locally owned business specialising in the repair and replacement of damaged glass on vehicles of all sizes, ages, makes and models.

For more information or an obligation-free quote, please contact our friendly team today.

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